CapturePlus is an online software solution that provides sales and marketing teams a platform for dynamic knowledge discovery as well as powerful diagnostic tools to analyze that knowledge and use it to shape strategy.



CapturePlus makes it easier for leaders to collect and understand the often unstructured inputs from the field... inputs which can yield valuable insights into customers, competitors, partners and markets.

Why Capture+

The biggest challenge a company faces in executing its strategy is making that strategy meaningful to its teams in the field. If they don't know what the strategy is - or why it's relevant to their daily tasks - they will not be effective at reaching higher levels of execution.

Business Scenarios

Stay on top of changing conditions in the field and make sure your strategy is being implemented the way you intended. 100+ customizable Forum templates spanning key areas such as Branding, Pricing, Promotions, Sales Productivity and Customer Insight make it easy for you to find instant answers.